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I pick the words. The right words. The best words for you or your business.

Your website is your very best shot at creating a buzz. Make it a loud and lovely buzz by using words in tune with you.

Relevant content and superstar business profiles light up the web. Be a shining example of how a website should read.

Commission me to create your content here. I’ll tell the story of your brand and I’ll give your audience a valuable experience that will keep them engaged and returning for more. For all things Perth copywriting, I’d be delighted to help.

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Media Releases – Perth Copywriting

The world needs to know about you and your business, so tell it. Don’t hide your light under a bushell, because among other things frankly, that sounds dangerous.

How can you tell the world? Newspapers, radio, television have column inches to fill and need things to talk about so why not make it YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

I tell the media what’s happening in your business in a short, directed statement complete with quotes from you and how the world can get in touch with you.Learn More

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Business Award Entries – Perth Copywriting

You’re too busy running your business to enter Commerce Awards. Often there are large grants at stake so it’s well worth submitting an entry. In addition, it’s very nice to receive a plaque telling you what you already know; you’re the best at what you do.

There’s a knack to completing the Award Entries and if done properly your chance of being a finalist and winner skyrockets.Learn More

Eighteen years experience in media – now a Perth Copywriter

We all love something right? Perhaps you love numbers and getting calculations right and that’s why you run a book keeping business. Or maybe your passion is fitness and boosting others to become the best version of themselves.

I love words. I used to think everybody loved writing as much as I do. I thought that was what life was about until I overheard my colleagues bellyaching over a board report they had to write. Isn’t that everybody’s idea of heaven? Haha.

What do you need put into words? Let me tell the story of your brand through website content, blogs and socials. And have you considered newsletters, your business profile, award entries and even event scripts?

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Jen at work

Next Steps…

You ARE your business. This means you’re so close to it that that you don’t really see what’s incredible about it. I’m completely objective and can see what makes it unique. I’ll ask lots of questions to understand exactly what you want to achieve with your content. Your brand, your story.

What’s next?